About Me

I’m a Product Designer who believes that Web sites, applications, and software should be easy and intuitive to use. Machines should accommodate humans, not the other way around.

More About Me and my Work

Design isn't really a "job" for me—it's more a way of life. I can't look at anything without analyzing its ease of use or the experience it provides. Few things frustrate me more than encountering something that was obviously created with little or no thought about the humans who would have to use it.

My career in design began around 1997 as a hobby—back when the Internet started to become a household name. After a couple tours in the Air Force, I used my G.I. Bill to get a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Information Technology and in 2003 officially turned my hobby into a full-time career. The bulk of my early career was spent honing my skills as a visual designer and front-end developer (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc) for Web sites and Web-based software applications. Over the years I've matured as a designer and have begun focusing more on user-centered design, user research, user experience, and interaction design.

That is where I find myself today, and I've been fortunate to perform in this capacity for organizations such as Intel Corporation and The Mayo Clinic, as well as a number of smaller companies.

Hobbies and Whatnot

I'm an avid guitar player and guitar aficionado. My days of playing in bands and dreaming of rock stardom are past, but I still love to play. I spent my first year in college as a Jazz Guitar major, which helped me realize that, as much as I love to play, I have no taste for the business and career aspects of being a full-time musician. Instead, I created a guitar blog to help other guitarists on their journey: guitaranswerguy.com.

I also love to cook. This wasn't always the case—but as I've learned more and more over the years I've grown to really enjoy it. I think it's the ceative aspect that appeals to me so much.

I meditate every day, am a big Sci-Fi nerd, and my best friend is my greyhound Truly (pictured on the right), who we rescued from the racing industry.

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Truly, the ex-racing greyhound. Me and Truly at the Greyhound Festival in Solvang, CA.